Ryan Maksymic

EOG Controller

EOG Controller

A prototype circuit that accurately senses lateral eye movement

#hardware  #signalprocessing  #PCBdesign  #KiCad  #Arduino  #biosensing



In the summer of 2011, I was awarded an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award. I spent four months at the University of Western Ontario working under Dr. Robert Sobot. My task was to help design and test a circuit capable of amplifying the tiny electrical signals generated by the movement of one’s eyes – a technique known as “electrooculography” (EOG). The goal of the research was to create a device that could improve factory safety by detecting where workers were looking while around heavy equipment.


Multiple filters and amplifiers were needed to cleanly pick up biosignals. Breadboard prototypes were used to test different resistor and capacitor values.

I designed several printed circuit boards using KiCad.

Later versions of the device were able to determine leftward and rightward eye movements. Here, the yellow signal goes high when the user looks right.


The EOG Controller was developed in collaboration with Robert Sobot and Kyle Fricke.