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Dissolving Self

Dissolving Self

A performance piece that employs wearable technology and data visualization

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Conceived by Maziar Ghaderi, Dissolving Self employs metaphoric data visualization and wearable technology to harness the subtle movements of a contemporary dancer. Much of the inspiration of this piece comes from Rumi's mystic poetry and the physical meditative ritual of Sufi whirling. The performance was presented at the American University in Dubai as a part of ISEA 2014 (the 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art) and at The Fridge Dubai as a part of the Quoz Arts Festival. I designed and assembled the hardware and programmed the software. During the performance, I monitored the hardware and initiated the different stages of the visualization.


A modified SoMo device, provided by Sonic Wear, captures the dancer's rotational movement and transmits the data to a nearby computer. A solid-state relay controls electroluminescent wire that line's the dancer's dress.

Using Processing, I programmed visualizations that would respond to the dancer's movement. I was able to trigger the different stages of the performance using button presses.

The performance was rehearsed thoroughly. The dancer, the software, and the music all needed to work in harmony.


Dissolving Self was created in collaboration with Maziar Ghaderi, Tamara Montenegro, Vrinda Bhandula, and Loretta Faveri.


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