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Escape Rooms App

Escape Rooms App

An iPad app that helps Escape Rooms staff quickly process customers and provides players with a customized souvenir

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Nearly 100 teams play Escape Rooms' games every week. Those clever enough to win get their photo on the "Wall of Fame". After over two years in operation, however, Escape Rooms had completely run out of wall space. It was time to move from physical to digital. I was tasked with creating an app that would a) save the materials and time required to print and hang physical photos, b) collect and compile team photos and stats, and c) give customers a souvenir from their time at Escape Rooms.


Working as a part-time "Game Master" at Escape Rooms gave me insight into how teams are typically processed. I also spoke with other employees, asking what features the app could have that would make their job easier.


First, Escape Rooms staff, using the app, take a photo of the team. The players can then enter their team name, how much time was remaining when they escaped, and how many hints they requested from their Game Master.

Customers are presented with their team card, containing their photo and information. They can decorate their card with multi-coloured doodles.

Team members are invited to enter their email addresses so that their souvenir card can be sent to them. They can also opt in/out of being feature on the Escape Rooms Facebook page. Submitted cards are uploaded to an AWS server.


The card is added to the Wall of Fame gallery. Here, users can view past teams' cards, ranked by speed and organized by date and game.

Escape Rooms staff can review submitted cards before emailing them to team members. They can choose whether or not a customer will be invited to write a TripAdvisor review.



After achieving basic functionality, I brought the app to the venue and tested with multiple Escape Rooms customers and employees. Observing users allowed me to make several adjustments to the app's flow and interface.


The completed app saves Escape Rooms time and money and provides their customers with a great souvenir.

This was my most complex iOS project to date. It allowed me to gain experience with the Parse SDK, complex table views, and compositing images.


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