Ryan Maksymic

Calculator App

Calculator App

(Work in progress)

A charming iOS app that provides a somewhat-interesting fact with each calculation

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After months of working through iOS development tutorials, I was feeling quite confident with Xcode and Swift. I decided to try making an app from scratch and seeing it through the whole development process, with the ultimate goal of submitting it to the App Store. I was especially interested in getting more experience with the Core Data framework, animations, and Auto Layout. A simple calculator app seemed like a good place to start. 


My main criteria were that the app be fun to use and nice to look at.

The app has the functionality of a basic calculator. Along with each result, however, users also receive a random piece of trivia based on the number they've just calculated. Every calculation is stored in the app's history, and users can tap on past results to insert them into their current calculation. Each button tap is accompanied by a fun sound effect, all of which were recorded by me.

The app features an attractive and minimal interface. In the app settings, users can select from multiple colour themes.


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